Monday, 15 February 2010

The Amnesia Clinic by James Scudamore (2006) pub.Harcourt

A story of two schoolboys in Ecuador, one a 15-year-old British ex-pat the other the son of  a wealthy Ecuadorian family who lives with his uncle. They challenge each other by telling preposterous stories with Fabian's stories a form of bragging about his family. Fabian lives with Uncle Suarez in a gated compound and on visits there Anthony enjoys the licence to drink and smoke given to Fabian - as long as they don't go too far - which is what permissive adults usually say and not helpful!
Throughout there is some mystery about Fabian's parents. They were involved in a road accident and it seems that his father was killed. Fabian seems to believe that his mother is still alive. When Anthony comes up with a tale