Friday, 5 December 2014

Ordinary Courage by Scott Turow

Lawyers, yes, of course, with this writer - but not dazzling us with their erudition and wily witness work. Lawyers - mainly one lawyer - who finds himself involved in the fighting in France during the 2nd World War 'Battle of the Bulge' as the Allies pushed back the German army to the borders of Germany.

Ahead for the Generals and politicians of the Allies, there lies the eventual control of the areas they are winning back from the enemy. For the soldiers there is just the enemy in front of them. Kill or be killed. In the midst of the confusion at the sharp end of this war a lawyer is parachuted in to arrest a popular major, a wildcard, whom the Brass want under control.

A passionate associate of the major, ......., is the enigmatic fast woman!

Layered into this story a generation later is the tale of the lawyer's son trying to make sense of the fact that his father was imprisoned for the murder of the major whom he was sent out to arrest from the battlefield. And the identity of his mother: she wasn't the fearless fighter at the major's side, was she?

This is a brilliant read. Outstanding research into the positions of Patton's army and the forward troops at this point in the drive into Germany. Outstanding story-telling and suspense. More than just a lawyer story - one of the best war stories that I have read.

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